🌞 My Time: Understanding the Importance of Time in a Changing World

We are currently facing numerous challenges in a rapidly changing world, which leaves us uncertain about what the future holds. In the midst of this uncertainty, one thing remains constant: the rising and setting of the sun. This site offers you the opportunity to find your own exact solar time, which is a direct reflection of Your time as measured by the Sun.

⏳ History of measuring time

In the past, people had no means of determining the exact time. Their agricultural activities and daily routines were guided by the natural rhythm of the day, dictated by the majestic occurrence of the Sunrise and Sunset.

Only humans see the temporal differences between the past, present and future. Time itself is a construct designed by mankind, leading to the development of numerous clocks and electronic devices to measure its passage.

🌍 Time zones and their effect

The concept of time zones arose in the 19th century as a way to create a standardized global time system. In different time zones, there can be significant, sometimes up to three hours, variations between the moment when the sun graces the eastern horizon and when it paints the western sky.

🌞 Sundials and the beginning of time measurement

The first ever sundials, which date from about 3,500 years ago, marked an important milestone in the use of time. Sundials, which rely on the position of the Sun to create a point of light or shadow on a reference scale, as well as water clocks and hourglasses, are evidence of the ancient origins of time measurement.

📱 Top technology and solar time calculation

Time has since become an integral part of modern society. With cutting-edge technology, we can now accurately calculate solar time, (My Time) even without sunlight.

📚 Studying time in different disciplines

Time has long been an important research topic in religion, philosophy and science. You can read more about Time on the Wikipedia page.

My Time
My time, Time Zone, Sun clock, Water Clock, Hourglass, Time Left For Sunset, Time Left For Sunrise

My time, Time Zone, Sun clock, Water Clock, Hourglass, Time Left For Sunset, Time Left For Sunrise

More than an hour difference between Local Time and True Solar Time because daylight saving time.

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