Real Sun Time INFO Earth's rotation is not exact 24 hours

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Note! With this Sundial you have to allow your browser and cell phone to share GPS coordinates and enable javascript to get right calculations to your true Solar Time!

How to use Real Sun Time website with mobile device! YouTube video.

Sundial, True Solar Time and countdown timer to sunset and sunrise on this website - True Solar Time.

It is very rare that the Real Sun, Solar Time and your local Time Zone Time is just the same.
When Real Sun Time, true Solar Time is 12:00, it's Solar noon at your GPS coordinates locations.

The idea for this Real Sun, Solar Time -website came in an airplane when I was traveling to a different time zone.
I knew that the time on my cellphone changes automatically to the right Time Zone time.
I wonder where I could get the same information about what is my real time, Sun Time when I travel.

I've been searching with lots of different keywords all over the internet, to find a website that gives me the Real Sun Time.
I haven't found anything like that. Lots of information about the sunrise and sunset times was found on weather sites,
and just a few different apps only for mobiles, but there was nothing similar to what I was looking for.

I would like to know about the future time from the present moment, not about the past time because that time has already gone.

When I have the information I can plan different outdoor activities based on how much sun time is left to next sunset,
or when I'm traveling and I arrive in the evening after dark, I get the information on how much time there is left until the sun rises again.

The sun rises and sets every day around the year, at summer and winter from a different point around the globe,
also within your time zone from north to the south and from east to the west.

To get an exact Real Sun, Solar Time we have to calculate many different things, like Time, Sun Position, GPS Coordinates.

Earth's rotation is not exact 24 hours, it is 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09053 seconds, it is called Sidereal day.

Earth's equatorial speed is 465.10 metres per second, about 1675 km per hour.
For comparison an airplane flies about 900 km per hour.

This Real Sun Time website is your Sundial as a mobile or desktop version,
it also gives you information about the true Solar Time after the sunset in night time.

I hope you will find lots of benefits with this Real Sun Time website for your future activities,
the remaining sun time for today or time left to the next Sunrise tomorrow.

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Local Time, My True Solar Time, Latitude, Longitude, Time Left For Sunset, Time Left For Sunrise, Day Length, Night Length, Real Time Sundial, Online Sundial

More than an hour difference between local time and true solar time because daylight saving time.