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GPS: Navigation History to New Horizons. Discover the Power!

You rely on your GPS location service every day to discover new places and connect with people. In the past, Vikings navigated the world using the position of the sun and stars. Today, we have advanced technology that enables us to determine our exact location.

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Throughout history, mariners have looked to the sky for guidance. They used a sophisticated instrument called a sextant to measure celestial bodies like the sun in relation to the horizon. Additionally, they relied on a device known as a marine chronometer or sea clock to calculate longitude and time.

In more recent times, before the advent of location services, maps and atlases were the preferred tools for navigation. If you found yourself lost without the aid of cell phones, you had to stop and ask for directions to reach your destination.

Undoubtedly, GPS is a groundbreaking invention.

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GPS serves a multitude of purposes and offers efficiency and reliability.

It guides you to your desired destination while providing information on travel time.

GPS aids rescue personnel in locating missing individuals.

There are various games available that utilize your GPS location.

GPS provides accurate information about the timing and positions of the Sun Time, Sun Position and Moon Position

GPS is extensively used worldwide.

You can read more about the Global Positioning System From the Wikipedia pages.

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Your GPS Location
Your GPS Location, Sun Time, Sun Position, Moon Position

Your GPS Location, Sun Time, Sun Position, Moon Position